What Can Boat Papers, LLC Do For You?


Whether you are buying a boat or selling one, United States Coast Guard boat documentation requirements and state registration protocols can be challenging for the novice or experienced boat owner. Even the process of making the decision about how you want to document your ownership interest can be confusing. Should you title/register the boat in your state? What are the advantages of federal documentation? What are the pros and cons of each option?

Your boating friends may tell you that state registration is all you need. Others will say that you should document the boat with the United States Coast Guard. If you are depending on a bank to support your boat purchase, it’s likely to have its own requirements for securing the mortgage through federal documentation.

Where can you turn to learn about all the options and which one works best for your circumstances? Who can you rely upon to help you make an informed decision?

Boat Papers, LLC is your source for the information, insights and perspectives on each option and the proven methods for handling the paperwork necessary to complete a USCG Documentation or a state titling and/or boat registration. We also specialize in placing boats into Canadian Registry and removal from Canadian Registry. Place your paperwork in the hands of the experts at Boat Papers.

Before you buy the boat of your dreams, email Janet Ross at boatpapers@gmail.com or call her at 239-777-3385 to discuss your concerns or questions. There is never a fee for an initial consultation.