Thank you for your help, you did a very good and quick job.

B. Brockett
Haymarket, VA


Boat Papers, LLC is the ONLY way to go for official documentation of your boat. Period. Janet went above and beyond to make sure our dream was documented, protected, secure & OURS! Thank you Janet.

C. Schoener
Naples, FL


“We worried about the hoops we would have to jump through to get our newly purchased boat, which was purchased from a South African couple, registered in Malaysia, and located in the Philippines, re-documented from Malaysian registry to US documentation.  It was keeping me awake at night, especially when looking at the confusing array of forms, and the 4-month  USCG backlog in processing new documentation requests.  Being overseas, any back and forth with the Coast Guard would be a nightmare.  Janet at Boat Papers helped us get the forms we needed filled out correctly, including an “out of country” expediting form.  It cost us a few extra dollars to have Janet handle it, but it was worth it, with the quick and hassle-free results.”

Cheryl McCampbell
s/v Soggy Paws


“Janet Ross was an absolute delight to work with. Knowledgeable, responsive, and incredibly pleasant, she made establishing an LLC, registering our boat and all the associated paperwork an absolute breeze. I highly recommended working with Janet of Boat Papers!”

Christine B.
New York City


“Great job!

Don Pedro


“Great service and very informative packet! We received this much faster than the dealer projected we would. Thank you, Janet!”

M. Hetzman
Mt. Pleasant, MI


“This has been incredibly easy! Thank you for simplifying the documentation process.

Jim Herrick


  • Always available.
  • Great service.
  • Great follow through.
  • No problems.
  • Highly recommend.

Tom Kellim
Cortez, FL


“Great job. Thank you.”

R. Elias


“Great service on something I had no idea how to handle, you made it easy & worry free. Thank you.”

C. Garver


“Thank you so much Janet! You made the whole process easy – professional and efficient.”

Fairhope, AL


“Proficient, professional, outstanding service. If not for Janet Ross of Boat Papers, I would still be waiting for my documents. Thank you again for the great service.”

B. Fawcett
Naples, FL


“Marsha and I are very appreciative of the way that Boat Papers handled our transaction. Janet Ross was very efficient and clear in what was needed. We would definitely recommend her and Boat Papers again.”

Duke Pointer
Marco Island, FL


“Great service.”

Bonita Springs, FL


“Janet Ross is a true professional. Handling a stressful situation in such a way that we are now smiling. Thank you for all your patience.”

L. Taylor
Destin, FL


“Thank you for your service in managing the documentation process on my recent sailboat purchase. The estate sale took weeks to close and you were very helpful in quickly responding to my inquiries, very knowledgeable regarding documents required by the USCG, and answering all my questions. Your experience with this process meant I was prepared for the lengthy process time, the receipt of the temporary letter and finally the documentation certificate within the time frame you predicted.
Once I had an agreement with the seller, I asked a few people around our club about having a service handle documentation versus doing it by one’s self and the advice I received was that using a service was well worth the cost. I feel fortunate that my search found”

Dave Lorick
SV Lunacy
Tampa, FL


“If you are considering buying or selling a boat, and want the paperwork done right. I would strongly recommend that you consider using Boat Papers, LLC headed up by Janet Ross.
Boat Papers, LLC handled my Coast Guard registration and title transfer quickly and professionally giving me total “peace of mind” that the job was done right and that my best interests were being looked after.
I was assisted and guided thru the entire process with a minimum of hassle. This included clear instructions as well as quick answers to my many questions. I now have an absolutely rock hard title to my boat which will be a real asset when the time comes to sell this valuable asset.
The very reasonable investment in the documentation service Boat Papers, LLC has to offer is some of the best money I have ever spent and I am one happy customer.”

Bill M.
Lake Wylie, SC


“Wow, you turned a possible nightmare into a fun experience. A west-coast purchaser, a mid-west owner, and an out of documentation east coast boat with bad paperwork; presented a real challenge.  I could not have bought the “Escape” without Janet Ross.
Thank You!”

Brian G.